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Here we go again :)

Indeed it's been a long, long time since I last wrote down anything in this blog. I want to say lot of works limited me in updating this blog, but in reality I had a chance to update my other blog which uses Indonesian language. Having that said, I guess no more issue in maintaining this blog except having good time management so I will always have time to write something here.

One and half year already working in my current company, and I feel blessed! I got chances to go abroad, meet new people, even though sometimes the works make me want to scream and punch the wall hard :P
I have new partner now which helps me a lot *smooch*, and a really unique boss. Somehow I believe my planning team will be capable to handle all issues no matter what *ehem* :)

So, with the spirit of keep-maintain-the-blog, I'll start to write down here, again! I'm excited and can't wait to write a lot :) Here we go again!

Song of the week...

Okay, so I fell in love with this song once I heard it sung in AI and Glee. This song is incredibly beautiful and somehow, makes me quite sad inside. I keep replay it over and over again this week, and yet, never bored listening to it. Blackbird from Beatles; surely one of my favorite songs from now on :)


The Beatles

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Black bird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise,
You were only waiting for this moment to arise,
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Yep, fangirling is officially ON!

What can I say? I used to be a fangirl for Laruku, and then stopped. Later on, I had a crush on Merry, but then it faded away. And now, I am falling in love with two characters in GLEE, the cute couple of Kurt and Blaine. AWW. YEAH. I really love both of them. It's like I can get them out of my head. Even I know this fangirling thing might not last long, still I am quite happy to have this kind of feeling. Excited, happy, overwhelmed, a bit sad.... everything is mixed up in my mind, my brain and my heart. Ouch. So much for melancholic thingies, eh? :P

My attention was totally stolen when I saw the first meeting between Kurt and Blaine. I was like, "Oh, these two guys will definitely be together!". Well, apparently not immediately as until around 10 episodes or more, they only give us hints. Well, actually LOT of hints. Makes you wonder if the director wants to tease you or just have no idea how to develop Kurt-Blaine relationship. Then Kurt was brokenhearted by Blaine, while Blaine brokenhearted by Jeremiah (or whoever he was...don't really care :P). You'll think, "Okay...so maybe they won't be together. Maybe they'll be just good friends (which actually kinda sweet too, really )." You'll calm down, and still enjoy their performance.

But when I googled last night, and find out that Kurt and Blaine will have their first kiss (well, actually they already had their first kiss on US episode. As I am in Asia, I still need to wait several weeks before I can watch that episode....), I was like... WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! I am smiling, laughing, keep whispering: "AWWWW...........", imagining and others, and others!! As I said, all emotions mixed up, makes me wanna dance and sing (which is kinda weird). I spent all night to find out the episode, the pictures, the clip --> yes, sounds crazy, I know. Wait. Or I AM crazy??

And so, it's official, I am fangirling over Kurt and Blaine now. Totally. I just have them dancing in my mind over and over again. Please anyone, don't save me from this fangirling! I am in love with them, and now I want to enjoy this LOVE! KLAINE! LOVE YOU!! :D


..... but as my emo-blog. I don't know why, but lately I have this negative thinking, lack of spirit and less energetic in both my mind and body. I think mostly of this situation caused by my overload works and also some pressure at office. And maybe because lately I made some mistakes and now I have to do my best to ensure that mistake won't happen again in the future and our customers won't give us any protest or claims or whatever to our top management. And maybe because I have regular reports that need to be submitted in a very tight deadline every month which makes me wanna scream and beat somebody up.........bottom line is, work might be one of the root cause of my emo-pathetic-condition.

However, I couldn't blame everything to my work. I mean, other people are also working right? Some of them might have the same workload as me, but somehow they (or maybe some of them) could manage that pressure well. For me, that is something that I couldn't manage all the time. I mean, sometimes is okay, but in other time....ugh. I don't even wanna talk about it :(

Anyway, that's a starter. Let's see what I will post here for the next days. Or months. Or years? Gulp.

November 11th, Thursday

Today is one of busiest day this week. Strangely, I don't feel too depressed eventhough I know I got lot of works to do. I just know that I can do it, and everything is gonna be okay. Now, I seldom have this feeling when I am in a hectic situation. So having this moment makes me happy and feeling grateful. Yosh! I know I can do everything well today! :D

Anyway, I think I really need to do some work out again, considering that I AM gaining weight 2 KG and my pant is getting tighter *UGH*. The problem is.... I don't think I like to do it. Really need something to boost my spirit.

Anyone, be my motivator, please? o__o


Or at least, that's what I think I feel right now.  I don't know. Since I moved to the new company, I don't think I have more friends compared to those I left on my old company. I just spend my time on the weekend with my boyfriend, or my sister and dad. Outside of that, I barely have some hang out time with my ex-college friends, or my ex-high school friends.

I really miss that time I used to spend with my old-office friends. Having little chats, or do some groceries; just some little things, but that makes my life more colorful, and not boring. Not to say I don't like time I spent with my boyfriend or sister...but come on. Hanging out with one person from week to week? That surely makes me bored!! Not to mention lately he often makes me (almost) lose my patience. Grrmh. He is a good example someone that is not as old as his age.. sometimes I think that I am babysitting him for unknown reasons.

Anyway, back to the main topic...... Now I know that I AM really lonely, I wonder what I have to do next. Looking for new friends, that's one thing. But when? and how? My new job required most of my time (and I suspect it also makes me much more workaholic than ever), and I barely have any time to interact with anyone in this building.

One good question, are my friends at LJ even remember me??  T-T

*bury myself*

Well, tt's the last day on Lausanne :)

And I am really grateful for having this opportunity. I do. I get a chance to have a training at my office headquarter, and also meet many people from different countries. I can go abroad to Switzerland, which I never dreamed about before. And these all happens just after four months working. Alhamdulillah.... God is very nice to me. Thank you very much.... :)

Of course, I know lot of works and responsibility to share the knowledge are waiting when I get back to Jakarta. That makes me a bit nervous, and wondering if I can't deliver the knowledge well, and if I make any mistakes. But then again, I've already made many mistakes since the beginning, and (thanks God), most of the mistakes could be recovered. It is okay to make mistakes, as we are human. But how to keep standing on your feet and fix the mistakes, that's the important thing. Also, try my best to avoid this kind of mistakes happen again in the future.

I really like Lausanne. It's a nice city with lovely buildings, and nice food~! :D Most of people there could not speak English (unfortunately), but I am lucky to have nice colleagues at the office. They are really nice.... thank you for all your help, dear ;)

Now it is time to preparing everything and go home! I already got some chocolates (ow, yeah...) and some magnetics for my Mom :)

Can't wait to see Jakarta, and (perhaps) go back to Lausanne again someday. Who knows? :)

Gotta break up with him soon -__-"

About me now...

So, it's been 4 months since I moved to this new company. I must admit that the culture here is quite different with one in my previous company. Maybe because most people in my department are foreigners... and most of them also workaholic. When they think you are wrong or they don't like what you do, they will say it directly in front of your face. In my previous company, most people usually use softer words, or even choose to avoid conflict with others even though they know they some problems to be solved (well, not everyone really. My ex-boss loves to start a fight with anyone, anytime *chuckles*).

What I can say is, I quite love my job. I love processing data and analyzing the results. I love trying to establish a better flow process of order processing (oh, yeah, this is what I do now : purchasing some raw materials from suppliers. Not too differ from my previous job, really). I also love to coordinate with lot of people from different countries (even though some of them are really difficult. And when I mean really,  then they are really difficult :P). I just love it :)

And lucky me, this week I am appointed to participate on a system training at Switzerland! Can you imagina? Just four months working, and I get this opportunity. Alhamdulillah....Alhamdulillah... I am so grateful for this gift. Thank you God..... Terima kasih ya Allah atas rezeki ini.. :)

Okay, gotta go now... will continue once I have free time ;)

New Company :)

So, I guess it's almost half a year passed since I last wrote anything here. I remember that I wrote about my intention to move to another department at my previous company. It turned out I did something bigger : I moved to other company :D

I never planned to move that quick. You know, 2 years working there was quite short, yet not too short. I think I could gain more knowledge there, but then again, the possibility of reaching good career was not that promising. Maybe that's why it was not too hard when I decided to move to new company. However, I admit I will miss people there. Those working there were friendly, and always make me feel like I was in the middle of big family. Sure, there were several naughty brothers and sisters. But in general, they were lovely :)

And now, in this new company, I'm trying to adapt. It has different culture, different people with their different personalities. Since I moved to Jakarta (the capital city), I must accept that most people I met are individualistic (is that a correct word? anyone? :P). They are not as warm as people at my previous company... But then again, it's a consequence of my choice. And I can still accept it until now :)

My boss is a Korean. Nice one, eventhough sometimes too pushy and perfectionist. But he IS really a good boss. Really pay attention to me, and I know, he just wants me to be as good as he is, or might even be better than him. I really like him. I am also glad and grateful to have him as my boss. Hopefully I can get more knowledge from him ;)

Anyway, that's for now. Will continue again once I got more stories to be shared with.

For a mean time, I miss you guys ;)